The Embouchure
Here Robert discusses the importance of setting a good embouchure; one of the most crucial elements involved in brass teaching.
01 Apr 2007

Breathing and How to Improve it
In this article Robert discusses breathing technique and ways to improve it.
01 Apr 2007

Appearing as a Guest Soloist
Here Robert provides a few helpful pointers to those starting out on the solo circuit.
01 Apr 2007

Working with Mixed Ability Players
Having briefly discussed the topic of ‘Teaching Young Players’, Robert now gives a little advice on how to teach groups of mixed ability players.
01 Apr 2007

Teaching Beginner Brass Players
Robert provides some very useful tips based on his own experience of teaching young beginner brass players.
01 Apr 2007

Vibrato - Why and How?
Robert discusses one of the most contentious issues amongst brass players; the use of vibrato.
01 Apr 2007

The Importance of a ‘Daily Routine’
Robert outlines the details of a daily practice routine which has helped him maintain his high standard over the years.
31 Mar 2007